Sherrie Flick

About Reconsidering Happiness

Reconsidering Happiness: A Novel

Cover of "Reconsidering Happiness"

It’s the mid-1990s and 23-year-old Vivette moves from New England to Des Moines because she likes the way the words sound, those silent “s”s beckoning with a sexy finger, a promise. She convinces Grandpa Joe-Joe to sell his Buick for $20 and leaves behind her job at the hip bakery in town, her friends, and an affair with a married man. She heads West to fill a void she can’t quite put her finger on. First to Nebraska, to visit Margaret who she hopes will give her some pointers. But Margaret is lost in her own complicated mix of contentment and nostalgia.

Reconsidering Happiness is about lust and longing, love and loneliness, disappointment and desire that stretches from New England across the Great Plains to the West Coast. It’s the story of two pioneering women navigating through secrets, lies, decisions, and compromises shared over pool tables, postcards, and shots of whiskey. Sherrie Flick’s debut novel investigates starting up, starting over, and slowing down.

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