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Interview with Sherrie Flick, Fiction Southeast
Sherrie Flick’s new collection Whiskey, Etc.flash, micros, short-shorts—has been getting rave reviews. Kim Chinquee calls her writing “deliciously intoxicating.” Flick’s flash chapbook I Call This Flirting is legendary. She is also a novelist (Reconsidering Happiness) and has written food essays for the Wall Street Journal, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Ploughshares. What we wanted to know is—how does she write such great stories? Read More >

Craft and Business of Writing, Writers on Record
Sherrie Flick received her B.A. from The University of New Hampshire where she also discovered her skill and love for baking. A year after her senior year, feeling the need for adventure. . . Listen to the three-part interview with Cade Scott.
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Research Notes, Whiskey, Etc., Necessary Fiction
The research for my short story collection Whiskey, Etc. is my adult life lived. The 57 stories in this collection reflect the places I’ve been, people I’ve met, and concepts I’ve obsessed over for the past 27 years. The stories themselves chart a timeline of me and my writing life. Read More >

Interview with Sherrie Flick, Why There Are Words
On May 12, 2016, Sherrie Flick will read at Why There Are Words. Here she discusses Whiskey, Etc., her recently released collection of compressed stories. Through her use of precision, she takes us directly to each character’s moment of crisis and longing. Read More >

South Side Slopes author finds her voice in works of very few words, Trib Live
As a college student in the late 1980s, Sherrie Flick struggled to find her fictional voice. It wasn’t until she decided to forgo longer stories in favor of shorter tales that everything clicked for the South Side Slopes resident. Read More >

Snack Time with Sherrie Flick, Ploughshares
When writer Sherrie Flick coordinated events at the immensely popular Gist Street Reading Series in Pittsburgh, one thing was certain, beyond the high caliber of the visiting writers and the fact the space would be packed: there would be fabulous food. Crusty bread, gooey cheese, in-season vegetables, jugs of wine and—Sherrie’s specialty—plenty of pie. Read More >

In the Writers’ Garden, Farmhouse Magazine
Sherrie Flick is one of those people you are automatically drawn to and admire. At one moment she is reading an amazing piece of her writing – maybe from a novel she has written, maybe a short story. Then the next moment she is serving some amazing dish she has cooked from ingredients grown in her own garden and topping it off with a dessert that she baked herself, and yes she probably grew the berries in that pie. Read More >