Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction America: 73 Very Short Stories

Full of wit and humor, readers will find themselves immersed in big worlds contained in short narratives. From a woman who gets more than what she bargained for to a cowboy down on his luck, these complex stories serve up love and loss, longing and heartbreak, and cruelty and tenderness in poetic images and the most satisfying of moments.

James Thomas, Sherrie Flick, John Dufresne, co-editors
W. W. Norton, 2023
Anthology, flash fiction

The Best Small Fictions 2018

The anthology features both seasoned and emerging authors who work in flash, micro fiction, prose poetry, haibun, and other hybrid forms. Tara L. Masih founded the series. This edition includes work by Lydia Davis, Rumaan Alam, Diane Williams, Kathy Fish, Michael Parker, Meg Pokrass, Deb Olin Unferth, and Desiree Cooper.

Sherrie Flick, series editor – Aimee Bender, guest editor
Braddock Avenue Books, 2018
Anthology, flash fiction

I Call This Flirting

After years of reading Sherrie Flick’s short short stories in literary magazines across the country, it is a delight to see the best of them all together in her first collection, I Call This Flirting, winner of the Flume Press Chapbook Prize. The chapbook size is perfect for short shorts – the collection echoes the beautiful brevity of the form, yet Flirting also is plenty long enough for Flick to create an arc of mood and emotion that develops much like a novel. Initially, I’d say the theme of Flirting is love, but Flick’s stories are far from candy hearts and Valentines. Sometimes love is sweet, but more often love ends chewed up, spit out and ground into the sidewalk.

Sherrie Flick
(Flume Press, 2004)